The Baldwin Calculator

DURING recent years The Spectator Company has imported and sold a large number of Calculating Machines of foreign manufacture, but owing to the heavy duty imposed upon them and other difficulties encountered in their importation, we have been seeking for an American-made Calculator. This we have at length arranged for in the

the invention of Frank S. Baldwin, of Newark, who has been engaged in the construction of similar machines for over twenty-five years, his first being the pioneer in single cylinder machines, and which was awarded the Scott medal by the Franklin Institute of Philadelphia in 1874. It was during that year that Mr. Baldwin took out letters patent for a Calculating Machine, but not being satisfied with it, he never placed it on the market.

The present Calculator, patented in 1902, is the result of years of patient study and labor, and is fairly clamed to be the simplest, most compact and accurate Calculating Machine yet offered to the public. The illustration herewith gives a fair idea of the exterior of the Baldwin Calculator.
The dimensions outside of case are 10 inches long, 7 inches wide, by 6 inches deep, making it convenient for use on an ordinary desk. All its parts are made with special tools, so that they are interchangeable like the parts of an American watch. There are no tension springs on the numeral wheels, so prolific of annoyance in other machines, to get out of order, but a single screw regulates the tension equally in all parts, in accordance with the speed of rotation. It has eight numeral wheels, nine figures in the quotient and sixteen figures in the product. This is the size generally required in insurance offices and business houses. It does the work of the most complex machines made, and a very little practice will enable any one to work it with satisfactory results. By its use addition, multiplication, subtraction and division are quickly accomplished, so that all numerical computations in plain figures or decimals can be worked out at a great saving of time and mental labor. For working out ratios, averages, percentages, foreign exchange, or for compiling statistics the Baldwin Calculator is invaluable. A shifting decimal pointer not only indicates the decimals, but whole numbers are divided into groups of three figures.


It will Multiply
54679285 x 3298, giving you the result, 180332281930, by eight turns of the handle in twenty seconds.
It will Divide
210414455292 / 47358644, giving you the result, 4443, by fifteen turns of the handle in fifty-five seconds.
It will Add
6279504 + 196431 + 82518, giving you the result 6558453, by three turns of the handle.
It will Subtract
863475029 - 65598536, giving you the result, 797876493, by two turns of the handle.

The Baldwin Calculator will work any combinations of figures, however complicated, with the greatest facility and with perfect accuracy. It cannot be excelled in its capacity for multiplication and division.

The use of Calculating Machines was limited in this country to the actuarial departments of the life insurance companies until The Spectator Company began, a few years ago, to push their sales in other channels. We have placed them in various departments of the government at Washington, in the auditing departments of railroads, in colleges, and numerous great industrial corporations, and the demand for them is constantly increasing. In Europe, however, they have been longer in use, until there is scarcely a university, government office or prominent business house that does not employ them. One railroad company had thirty of them in use four years ago, and has added some since then.

The Baldwin Calculator, which will do all the work that the best of the foreign-made machines can do, being made by special tools instead of hand work, and having no customs duty to pay, has many advantages to offer to the business men of this country.

1. The prices of foreign-made high-grade machines range up to $400. The Baldwin Calculator, being better than the cheapest, and equal to if not superior to the best, is offered at a medium price, namely, $250.

2. Purchasers of foreign-made machines are not allowed by the manufacturers any time for testing their machines, but The Spectator Company in selling them has granted forty-eight hours for testing their construction. The Baldwin Calculator will be sent to responsible parties ordering it, and ten days' trial granted for testing. If inherent defects are discovered during that time, the Calculator may be returned, or any defective part part will be replaced by the manufacturers.

3. As the parts are interchangeable, should any injury happen to any of them at any time, they can be readily replaced.

4. The Baldwin Calculator being simple in its construction and made of the best material, the liability to get out of order is extremely remote and makes its manipulation so easy that a child can work it. A steady, even turning of the crank is all that is required to operate it successfully, at a speed of 150 to 200 revolutions per minute.

5. A great advantage lies in its compactness. Some of the foreign machines are so heavy and bulky that they require a special table or desk for them to rest upon. The Baldwin Calculator occupies only about one-half the space of an ordinary type-writer, and can be kept at one side of the operator's working desk, or can be readily carried from one desk to another, in one hand.

For accuracy and trustworthiness the Baldwin Calculator has no superior; and for convenience, speed and general usefulness, it has no equal.

A full descriptive pamphlet giving examples of its work will be sent with every Calculator ordered.


The Baldwin Calculator is made in one standard size, showing sixteen figures in the product.

Price, . . . $250.00


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Andries de Man. 3/19/1999